AO Roadrunner Backblast 9/17/2019

Date: 17 SEP 2019

Location: AO Roadrunner

Q: Dora 1,2,3

Pax: Sweater Vest, Odin, U-Haul, Shock Collar (welcome back!)

Disclaimer – Definitely not a professional, PUSH yourself, DON’T HURT yourself


Imperial Walkers





Mosey around the lake


3 sets of 20 second mountain climbers

Overhead arm claps between each set

Bear crawl a for a distance then mosey back

3 sets of 20 second Peter Parkers

Arm circles between each set

Bear crawl a for a distance 

3 sets of 10 – Walkout into a Carolina dry dock then into a Merkin

Can-Can between sets

Run around the lake

3 sets 8,10,12 Triceps dips on picnic bench 

Step up between sets

Split group – half do inverted rows at playground,

half do Army leg tucks. Switch. Switch.

Run back to meeting point. 


Figure Four Situps – 10 four count per side.

Circle Of Trust


Meal plan opt-in to be put out 9/23/2019 on Slack Channel #2019_fall_health_initiative  #shockcollar

West-side location to be initiated by Odin and Dora 1,2,3

  • Let us know if you have any contacts/interest on the west side.

We’re looking into parks along the Loop 101 for easy access. Thunderbird through the I-17 zone most likely.

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