Family Values

Q: Spatzle

PAX: Ratatouille, U-Haul, Longboard, Chief, Stu, Pixel

Wellllll. . . I’m not a professional, not my fault if you injure yourself. Perfect # of PAX today. I’ll explain later. Since Spatzle is Q for F3 and his wife, Oranges from FIA, is running their workout later this morning they’re doing a family values mash-up. Let’s see whether F3 or FIA can do the workouts better.

Mosie to the field for some warm-o-rama

25 Side-Straddle-Hops (Why so many you ask?)

. . . Because that was Spatzle’s age when he married Oranges. How old do you think she was (some heckling and cradle-robbing jokes from the PAX)?

Mountain Climbers up to Oranges age of betrothal, IN CADANCE

. . . 14 (that would be wrong) . . . 16 (now she can drive). . . 18 (now she’s legal). . . 21 (DING!)

  • Merkins
  • Windmills
  • Stretching (Where’s our CSO Wilson?)

Indian-Run with last man running to the front of the PAX (Because, explained Spatzle, as a husband you need to learn to put your wife first!!)

Arrive at the 38th Parallel for THE THANG. . . We’re gonna spell out Spatzle and Oranges last name with workouts. Time for WHITE.

  • W – Wall Sits. . . partner up and one runs across the field while other does sits (swap-o-ram) 2x (second time halfway down field. . ’cause you need to meet your wife halfway on things)
  • H – Hands of Time – This hurt more than I thought. PAX in tight circle with heels to heaven, going to low dolly around clock alternating cadence. Up to 60 naturally for a full hour of ticks
  • I – Imperial walkers – Nice break – over and back from Focker’s Hill
  • T – Tricep Dips – 20x, 15x, 10x, . . . 7x? wait what? Because Spatzle’s been married 7 years
  • E – Ellllllevnnns – Back to Fockers hill for some plankjack/merkin eleven action


Coffeteria Duh!!! Oh and we ran into Boots at Starbucks. Walks up and goes. . Are you guys F3? You seem like a good group of guys.

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