Cool morning after a night of storms. 79 degrees with a nice breeze. Sun is just peeking out when we start

PAX: Uhaul, Wynonna, Sherpa, Chief, Dora, Spaetzle, and Ratatouille (Q)



Arm Circles20 IC (F & B)
Wilson’s stretching hour

Mosey around the park back to the half-circle where we proceeded to do an escalator ride of Merdonkins (Merkins –> donkey kicks –> Derkins)

7 Sets with following rep count:

8 (of each exercise); 6; 4; 2; 4; 6; 8 (added last one because too much chatter)

Mosey around the park to the 38th parallel

Partnered up. Partner 1 starts the exercise while partner 2 runs over the hill and back; then switch.

In pairs, did the following:

150 flutter kicks

150 LBCs

150 Freddy Mercury

Move to center of the field for a star work out. Started with an exercise in the middle of the field; then sprint to a corner and back to the center; another set of the same exercise; then sprint to the next corner and back to the center, etc….

Big Boy Burpees

Heel Touch Squats (Spaetzle almost looked as bad as Sweatervest)


Pax took a moment to reflect on 9-11




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