Cool morning after a night of storms. 79 degrees with a nice breeze. Sun is just peeking out when we start

PAX: Road Rash, Uhaul, Longboard, Chief, Twinkle Toes, Wynonna (FNG), Sweatervest, Spaetzle, Messi and Ratatouille (Q)


The Wilson stretch session begins the day.

Spaetzle is 1 minute late and is awarded 1 burpee. Sweatervest shows up 5 minutes late and is awarded 5 burpees. Sweatervest elects to save his burpees for later in the workout.

The Thang

1.7 mile run with a few exercises mixed in .

2.40Mt. ClimbersIC
4.30Inch WormsOYO
5.25Hello DollyIC
8.10Plank JacksIC
10.5Burpees (5 extra for Sweatervest)IC
12.10Monkey HumpersIC
13.15Step ups (per leg)OYO
15.30Seal ClapsIC


Happiness = Reality – Expectations

Ended with delicious Longbard Cold Brew in the parking lot!!

Commentary: Odd how the shape of the run looks like the USA?!?! And no wonder the inch worms were awful, we were in Florida!!

1 thought on “430

  1. So in your pic we are removing Texas. Huh… to some that might be fittingšŸ˜¬


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