Born to Hand Jive

Not professional
You vs. you – listen to your body, not your mind

Mountain Man Poopers
Failure to Launch
Carioca (mistaken for Karaoke)

Grease: The Original Soundtrack
Grease (3:24)
Burpee every “Grease”, Imperial walk in place

Summer Nights (3:35)
Bear crawl merkin, Inch worm

You’re the One That I Want (2:48)
Dips, Pull ups
Alternating Shoulder Taps

Greased Lightnin (3:13)
Breakdance merkin at “Greased Lightnin”, Mountain climber in place

Hound Dog (1:24)
Plank until song complete

Born to Hand Jive (4:37)
Moroccan Nightclub (Cherry Pickers)
Overhead arm clap
Shoulder tap
Seal clap

Sprint the lake route in between songs.

Captain Therkin

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