Spatzle’s Birthday!

Date: 08/21/2019

Count: 13

Q: C(L)ockblocker

Pax:  Ratatouille, Chief, Labowski, Sweater Vest, Messi, Wilson, Focker, Panther, Sherpa, Spatzle, Longboard, PINK Gorilla (FNG Phil Kain)

On August 14, 1986 a great man was born and the PAX today had but one single goal; honor that man – Matthew “Spatzle” White. C(L)ockblocker was entrusted by the PAX, the world on his shoulders, he muttered, “clearly, I am not a professional, but follow me…” and off went on a mossey to the field. Circled up, placed a blue birthday hat on the man of the morning.


(S) – Squat Jumps, no cheat, hands touch, in cadence, 10x

(P) – Plank Jacks, in cadence, 10x

(A) – American Hammers, in cadence, 10x

(T) – Towsie Straddle Hops, in cadence, 10x each leg

(L) – Lunges, in cadence, 10x each leg

Wait, how do you spell Spatzle, Spatlze?!, oo screw it! Z!

(Z) – Zebra Kicks, in cadence, 10x

(E) – E stands for Burpeeeeeessss, in cadence on down, 10x

Spatzle, please lead us on an indian run around the park, over the hill, and to your very favorite geographic location, the 38th parallel!

The Thing:

Partner up, Spatzle was born in 1986, that was 33 years ago, one to grow on is 34, 33 + 34 = 77 … wait, what? … ahhh gaffe, well, lets go with it …. 77 each BLIMP style. Squat, plank jack, American hammer, lunges (we still can’t spell Spatzle!!), zebra kicks and burpeeeeeesss! Wow, under estimated the lunges and the burpeeeeesss were worse than I would have thought. 

Where did Pink Gorilla come from??! That guy is in seriously good shape! Hope he comes back! Happy birthday to a very close friend and man we all admire, Spatzle. You’re smarter than us and clearly better at Slack; heres to 33-years!


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