Bring Your Bucket

AO: Furnace, Phoenix AZ

Q: Focker

PAX#: 14

warm up

PAX grab a 5 gallon home depot buckets from Focker’s car; buckets are 3/4 filled with phoenix desert rock/sand and Mosey around park to nearest hilly section in the park. (note: using the handle is automatic burpees, 10)

Fitness: workout

Premise:  11’s start at bottom of hill with one exercise and top of the hill will be 10 of another exercise, PAX halls bucket up and down the hill.  Count at bottom and top will always equal 11 until doing 10 at the bottom and 1 at the top, then set is complete.   PAX finishing early do mountain climbers until all complete set.  Run 400 yards and back between sets.  End of third set, PAX hauled buckets back to Focker’s car (this was Mary).

First set:  Bucket Pushups (feet up on bucket and do pushup) at bottom and Bucket Squats (squat while holding bucket) at the top

Second set: Overhead Arm claps at bottom and Bucket Lounges (yep, you got it…lounges with holding bucket, one lounge each leg = 1) at top

Third set:  WW2 situps at bottom and Bucket Overhead Press (raise bucket overhead and press bucket upward) at top


Pax enjoyed and had wonderful things to say about the Q master! LOL!!!            Reality:  this was one of the quietest Q’s I’ve been a part of… ok, besides @Sweater Vest complaining and attempting to remove last Overhead Arm Presses.   yes, there was a bit of a Mutiny!!  LOL  TRULY… it was a very hard and hot workout!  PAX did not complete last set… we ended set with some completing 1/2 the set (hit end of music and 45 minutes)… needed time for Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama, and Prayer.  Guys who had time met up at Starbucks after workout.


@Clockblocker conducted Prayer for the group based upon groups identified prayer requests.

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