National Watermelon Day

AO: The Furnace

When: 8/3/2019

PAX: 9 (Sherpa, Longboard, Wilson, Armstrong, Spatzle, Fire and Ice, Curtain Call, Pixel and Chief)

FNG: None

Q: Chief



Sunny morning, mid 80s. August 3 was National Watermelon Day. YHC was holding a watermelon when PAX pulled up to the AO and was getting lots of questions. A few PAX showed up late and were quickly reminded of our friendly burpee penalty.




Mosey to the field

SSH (IC x 12)

Plank jacks (IC x 12)

Mountain Climbers (IC x 12)

Arm circles IC with a little watermelon trivia in between each set. 



The Thang

To properly celebrate National Watermelon Day, PAX had a watermelon inspired exercise WITH actual watermelon. PAX ate their way through each letter with number of exercises based on what letter of alphabet we were on.


W – Wave of merkins for 2.3 minutes (since W is 23rd letter of alphabet).

A – 1st letter so one set of Aiken legs (20 squats/20 lunges/20 box jumps). PAX held watermelon throughout exercise for additional weight.

T – 20 Tony Hawk burpees.

E – 5 sets of Everest climbs. Ran to hill to complete. 1 set = 1 lunge forward, 1 squat, etc. until you get to top of hill and then come back down hill with reverse lunge followed by 1 squat, etc. until back to bottom of hill). PAX alternated watermelon hold.

R – 18 rockette dips.

M – 13 Merkin wheels.

E – 5 sets of 5 Elevated Squerkins with partner.

L – 12 forward Lunges IC while passing the watermelon between PAX from side to side. Turn around and 12 forward lunges IC back to starting spot while passing watermelon.

O – 15 sets of 15 OH arm claps.

MUSIC BREAK – Play watermelon song. While song is playing, bear crawl in circle and each time watermelon is said during song complete 4 merkins. Continue cycle until end of song.

N – 14 Not So Lazy boys, with a few “breaks” of WW2 sit ups to split them up.





Enjoyed some cold watermelon slices (different watermelon than one used during workout) as a reward after COT. Coffeteria and more good times followed.

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