Mahatma would have felt at home…

90 degrees @ 6:00 am with 40% humidity

PAX: Chief, Wilson, Ricky Bobby, Messi, Spaetzel and Ratatouille (Q)


Warm Up
sun god 15 f 15 R
Imperial Walker 15 IC
Side SH 15 IC
HB Walker 15 IC
Overhead Claps 20 IC
Smurf SSH 10 IC
Windmill 10 IC

Mosey around park

Up/Downs 10 IC
Big Boys 15 OYO

Suicides (two lines of cones – 200 feet apart) – complete exercise and run across and back)
Donkey Kicks 10 each
Donkey Kicks; Monkey Humpers 10 each
Donkey Kicks; monkey Humpers; Scorpion Dry Docks 10 each

Mosey – 1/2 park


Hand Touch Squats 10 each
Hand Touch Squats; Merkins 10 each
Hand Touch Squats; Merkins; OH Claps 10 each

Mosey around park

First exercise is done across the field, and then PAX does next exercise together (same field as suicides)

bear crawl, Carolina DD 15 IC
backwards run, OH Claps 20 IC
Grapevine L, Scorpion DD 10 IC
Grapevine R, Cherry Pickers 15 IC
Walking lunges, Shoulder Tap 10 IC
High Knees, OH Claps 20 IC
Power Skip, Travolta 10 IC
Bear Crawl, Cherry Pickers 15 IC

Light Mosey
Calf Raises 15, 15, 15

Round Robin Mary





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