Invasion of the Ants

AO: Tempe

When: 7/25/2019

PAX: 3 (U-Haul, Longboard and Chief)

FNG: None

Q: Chief



Hot (high 80s), muggy (for Arizona standards at least), sunny day at North Shore Beach. Longboard almost had a Longboard type of entrance, but instead showed up right on time. Must be the new burpee penalty that was implemented.




Mosey to the grass patch

SSH (IC x 15)

Mountain Climbers (IC x 12)

Merkins (IC x 12)


The Thang

Mosey to the “beach”. It is called North Shore Beach, right?!


Relax on the “beach” with:

  • Frog hop to 1st net. 15 merkins.
  • Backward jog to 2nd net. 15 diamond merkins.
  • Frog hop to 3rd net. 15 merkins.
  • Backward jog to 4th net. 15 diamond merkins.
  • SPRINT to end of sandy volleyball courts.

Jog to marina. Pit stop half way for dips (IC x 15).


12 different boat docks at the Marina.

  • 2 PAX run to 1st boat dock and complete 1 Carolina Dry Dock. Meanwhile, YHC is anxiously waiting by doing overhead arm claps.
  • Once 2 PAX return, YHC runs to 2nd boat dock and completes 2 Carolina Dry Docks. 2 PAX also anxiously wait by doing overhead arm claps.
  • Finish until all boat docks completed.


Jog back to the “beach”. Pit stop half way for dips (IC x 12). Sprint at the volleyball courts to finish up the jog.

Mary: Ring of fire, each PAX leads 3 different exercises. Needed to stop halfway due to ant invasion and move away from grass to finish up. There was no UofA invasion as promised by C(L)ockblocker and likely never will be.





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