Africa via Focker

Q premiss:  based loosely on Focker and Panther’s recent 3 week vacation to Africa

Q music accompaniment:  Toto, Africa; Paul Simon, under African skies; Shakira, Waka Waka; Peter Gabriel, Biko; USA for Africa, we are the world… etc…

First Visit:  Ethiopia-  known for Marathon Runners;  Long run around park (1 mile) warm-up (we did not break 5 minutes miles)

Second Visit: Tanzania – Safari!

Lion – Stalk and pounce!  Spider-Man crawl on ground (stalk) 15 times and Big leaps x 3 for 50 yards.  (Repeat down back x2)

Cheetah vs Thompson Gazelle:  Gazelle is played by PAX Panther!  Gazelle is positioned 50 yards from Cheetahs (PAX).  Cheetahs have countdown from 5 till catch Gazelle!  Repeat to Gazelle caught (Repeat x1)

Gilada Monkey Around:  Squat down back straight up and move forward 20 steps in monkey-like Walk, 3 monkeys jumps at end for 50 yards (repeat x1)

Monkey Hygiene:  60 shoulder /neck touches.

Wildebeest:  spirit to lake (200 yards) and back.  75% out, 100% back. (Repeat x1)

Hippo:  all PAX lay on ground in a line one in front of other;  roll x 5, last hippo jumps over top, all roll x 5 (Repeat for 50 yards). (Repeat back);  hippos then learn how to mark territory hippo style!  Let the feces fly!!

Hyena (Mary):  Pax pick an ab exercise, however before the exercise they must tell a joke.  All give a Hyena like laugh!   If no joke then add 10 onto everyones total!  Go around the group!

End with Count-arama and name-arama!  Finally Prayer!

Hakuna matata!!


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