Frog Hop Field Trip

AO: The Furnace

When: 6/15/2019

PAX: 9 (Sherpa, Sweater Vest, U-Haul, Ratatouille, Wilson, Messy, Pixel, Simba, and Chief)

QIC: Chief


Warm (low 80s), sunny day at The Furnace. It is living up to it’s name this time of year. PAX were still scared of any mention/sight/sound of a bus near The Furnace. Nothing to worry about though, at least for today…



Mosey to SE side of The Furnace.

SSH (IC x 15)

Hillbilly walkers (IC x 12)

Donkey kicks (IC x 12)

The Thang

Mosey to the canal for a field trip.

Split PAX into two groups. Group 1 starts at first light pole and group 2 starts at second light pole. Group 2 start with SSH while group 1 leap frogs (by running, not actual frog hop..PHEW) to the following light pole. Group 1 then does SSH while waiting for #2 to leap frog them to following light pole. When waiting for group to leap frog, alternate exercise between SSH and shoulder fist pumps. Field trip takes a “break” once PAX reach end of GR Herberger Park.

Mosey to tennis courts:

  • Merkin separators across all tennis courts. Start at 2 merkins and add 2 each time. Total of 90 merkins.
  • 9 (equal to total PAX) back and forths on tennis court. Frog hop one way and crab walk back. Q forgot how crabs walk apparently and needed assistance from the PAX.
  • 9s (equal to total PAX..again) with wide merkins and scorpion Carolina dry docks across one tennis court.

Mosey back to where field trip stopped. Rinse/repeat back to first light pole except exercises changed to Burpees and calf raises.

Back at The Furnace and head to pull up bars. Partner up – one does chin ups and other elbow plank and then switch. 3 sets for 20 seconds each.

Mosey to circle. Same partner, one does incline merkins and other box jumps, then switch. 3 sets for 30 seconds each.

Mary: 30 seconds of each – crunchy frogs, J-Los, LBCs, side plank crunch, side plank dips. Rinse/repeat for another set of each.

Circle of Trust


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