Angels in the Outfield – AO Roadrunner

Date: 04 June 2019

Location: AO Roadrunner

Q: Dora 1,2,3

Pax: Odin, Red October, Messy



4 count Side Straddle Hop, Windmill – Both in cadence.

10 Hand walkouts (On Your Own)


Light Mosey into a quick run half way around park

Bear Crawls across the outfields of 2 baseball fields and back

CATCH – do a ladder of Merkins, 1 at 1st light, 2 at 2nd light… through 10

Do it again but Walking Lunges across the outfields and back

CATCH – continue the ladder with Air Squats, 11 at 1st light, 12 at 2nd light… through 20

Suicides across the outfield using each light


Pick Your Poison

Flutter Kicks (4 count in cadence led by Red October)

American Hammers into Shock Collar-V (led by Odin)

Low Plank (led by Messy)

Left Side Plank, Right Side Plank (led by Dora 1,2,3)





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