May I Have Another

A cool 60 degrees but sunny.


Warm Up

Arm Circles (Fwd & Bkwd – IC x 10); SSH (IC x 10); Imperial Walkers (IC x 10); Windmills (IC x 10); Tricep Stretch (10 count – both arms); Cross Body Arm Stretch (10 count – both Arms); Quad Stretch (10 count per leg)


Da Thing

Round 1 -3 (15 reps; 15 reps; 10 reps)

Step Up – reverse lung (per leg); Burpees; Curtsy Lunges (per leg); WWII; shoulder taps (per shoulder); 275 yard sprint (after each round)

Rounds 4-6 (15 reps; 10 reps; 5 reps)

Carolina dry docks; plank jacks; v ups; box jumps; bat wings; 275 yard sprint (after each round)

Rounds 7-9 (15 reps; 10 reps; 10 reps)

Lateral step ups; dips; monkey humpers; Russian twists; pull ups



Circle of trust



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