Deck the halls

Date: 4-29-19

Location: First Tree

Pax: Mr. Clean and Big Event (FNG)

Q: Sandbag


Warmup: Abe Vigoda, IW, HW, Goofballs, Hallelujahs, SSH. All IC.

Deck of Death: Face cards 10. (Number = total reps out of 84 possible.)

Spades: Squats (36)

Clubs: LBC (51)

Diamonds: Merkins (79)

Hearts: Burpees (65)

Ace: Lap around field ~ 300M (3)

10 count after each lap. Everyone pick up 6 on lap.


Flutter, box cutter, Peter Parker, Parker Peter.

COT: Discussion of F3, 5 CP and Credo. NoR. Announcing new Tuesday workout. Prayers.

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