Bis, Thighs and Tris.

AO: First Tree
Date: 4-18-19
PAX: Slap Shot, Bionic Man (respect, respect), Matrix, Pad Thai, Billy Goat, Plug-in, Clearance and FNG – Marco who checked out early so no name.
Q: Sandbag


SSH – ICx15, Chinooks – ICx10, Imperial Walker – ICx10, Hill Billy – ICX10, Carolina Dry Dock – 10 OYO, Overhead Clap – ICx10.

The Thang:


  • Using hand towels. Grab partner(s). We had groups of 3.
  • Partner 1: bicep curls ICx10. Partner 2: providing resistance for partner 1. Partner 3: hold squat. Rotate.
  • Reverse Curls same rotation as above.
  • QIC may have messed up on directions for resistance, but we figured it out after a while. The PAX providing the resistance should be pulling town the entire time while the PAX curling should be pulling up the entire time. Keep elbow in fixed position and in tight.


  • All together.
  • Jump squat down in 3 count x 10.
  • Smurf Jacks ICx15 & x10. Lunge walk to half court job to end line x 2.
  • Penguins (hold squat and touch each hand on ground) ICx10 & x10.


  • Same groups as above. Partner 1: Tricep extension x 10 each arm while Partner 2 provides resistance. Partner 3 hold plank.
  • Partner 1: Tricep extension On 6 with elbow perpendicular to ground and wrist near opposite shoulder. Extend up so arm is point straight to sky. Partner 2 provide resistance. Partner 3 LBC.
  • All together Tricep Merkins: OMD x20 & 15.

Indian run to pavilion.

  •  Irkins on picnic table ICx10. Chin-up hang IC x10 & x7. Derkins OMDx10.

Indian run back to court.

Dying cockroach.
On 6 in crunch position. Try to touch heels by moving side to side

Name-o-Rama. BOM.

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