Getting your Smurf on!



9 PAX were excited to find out how great their morning was about to become.
PAX: Chief, Dora,, Ratatouille, RoadRash, Sherpa, Shockcollar, Simba, Spatzle
Q: Prime

Windmill x 20
Side Straddle Hop x 20
Imperial walker x 15
HillBillies x 15
Indian Run

The Thang
Variation on Satan’s ladder.  Start at the bottom of the hill, do an exercise and run to the top, do another exercise, then run back down.  20x Smurf jacks at the bottom, 10 burpies at the top, repeat counting 1 less burpie until 6 and then change burpies to Merkins 5 to 1.

The Pax are then are surprised to find that we get to redo this except 10 Merkins down to 6, and burpies 5 to 1.  The Pax were not happy about smurf jacks so we reduced it to 10.

Total Burpies: 55
Total Merkins: 55
Total Smurf jacks: 300

We then did thunderstruck, so the pax who hurried and did planks were not happy!
Thunderstruck is a song by AC/DC and everytime the word thunder is played, a merkin is done, otherwise hold in plank position.

Dying cockroach
Low flutter kicks
High flutter kicks
Write the alphabet in capital letters with your legs

There was much complaining about the beatdown!

For words of wisdom, I shared a quick summary of whetstone blog entry by f3 nation


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