Good Morning, Arizona

Good Mornings (x10)
SSH (x25)
Jack Webbs (x20) – A merkin then air press combination

The Workout
To The Track: 1/4 mile Ring of Fire (1 member runs 1/4 mile while remaining wait in plank position. Once member #1 finishes, next member takes off for their 1/4 mile, and so on until all members have run)

Dora 2-3-4: 200 Merkins, 300 Squats, 400 LBCs

To The Courts: The following was completed 3 times OYO, the length of the basketball courts:
Hallelujah (Have hands raised during any or all exercises) Lunges from one end to the other
10 Carolina Dry Docks
Flutter Kicks (x30)
Supermans (25-count, recover, 20-count, recover, 15-count, recover, 10-count, recover, 5-count)
Box Cutters (x20)
American Hammers (x30)
Mountain Climbers (slow) (15-count, x2 each leg)
WWII SU (x20)

3 thoughts on “Good Morning, Arizona

  1. I just came across this while reading Men’s fitness. My one curiosity is how are new groups formed? This would be great for me as I am a new resident to AZ but the groups are all quite a drive . Would consider starting one in Scottsdale.
    Thanks- Todd


    1. Todd, really sorry for the delay on getting back to you… We have multiple locations in the valley already. What part of Scottsdale are you interested in having a group in?


  2. This was my first experience with F3. I found out about F3 via a Men’s Health article and looked up locations for Arizona. Sore muscles for days after this workout. Thanks to our Q, Odin that morning.


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