2019 Fall Health Challenge

September 23 – October 31, 2019

20 Days to Change Habits

Welcome to the 2019 Fall Health Challenge. This is our attempt to broaden and expand our exercise program to a holistic health and wellness initiative. This is not a diet but an endeavor to expand our overall progress in fitness to a bigger and better you. To help us rise to new heights in our homes, work and community, we are going to create some friendly competition.


  • Join the Slack channel: #2019_fall_health_channel
  • Keep a running point total and report your progress weekly to Russ Bucklew for a Monday report on progress.
  • The program is designed from individual variance and customization—make it work for you in a way that feels comfortable and productive.
  • Build your partners up, support them and above all, have fun. To this end, on the slack channel, communicate ideas, motivation and information. By helping others, you will help yourself.
Point System:
Visualize the new you or meditate 5
Attend F3 workout 10
Workout on your own 8
Maintain daily discipline: Whole 30, Atkins, Dash, Mind, Vegan or Your Choice 12
Drink water: recommendation is eight  8 ounce glasses per day/ 2 liters half gallon 5
Sound sleep: 7 to 9 hours recommended 5
Yogi’s choice or you decide  (prayer, act of kindness, affection to wife, mentor) 5
Bring an FNG to F3 5
Bring a PAX back to FNG that hasn’t been in a while 3
Total Daily Point Total 58
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