You can do anything for a minute

when: 10-20-18, where: union station, qic: sandbag pax: forrest, glory, grizzly adams, rage (FNG), water boy (FNG)


warm-up:  good mornings, windmill, imperial walker, hillbillies, side straddle hop, arm circles.

disclaimer with a few late arrivals.

mosey to big hill. 5 minutes up and down at your own pace.

mosey to bathroom area. all exercises completed for 1 minute amrap. a few 10 counts in between for rest.

  • push-ups, tricep dips, hallelujahs, shoulder, taps.
  • flutter kicks, squat oblique, lbc, plank
  • wall sit, calf raises, squats, burpees, wall sits.

Indian run back to start.

Mary in cadence: lbc, American hammer, mountain climbers, obliques, push-ups.

name-o-rama, COT.


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