Physical Fitness Test (Round 2)

14 PAX

Messi, Odin, Longboard, Chief, Wilson, Lambert, Ditka, Benedict, Shockcollar, Romeo, Ratatouille, Beercart, Sweatervest, and Curtain Call at Q.


Disclaimer given, ran to field for warm-up and stretches:

Side-straddle Hop x 10

‘Muricans x 5

Hamstring Stretch Standing x 15 seconds

Chest Stretch x 15 seconds

Good Morning x 15 seconds


Broke into 2 groups, 1 to exercise while the other grades.

Explained the standards and demonstrated the proper form for each exercise.


Group 1 began with Push-ups, while group 2 graded.


Group 1 Sit-ups.



Moseyed over to run start point, drink water. Went over course and explained grading system.

All PAX ran together, met at finish.


Moved to pull up bars for “celebratory” pull-ups 🙂


Moved to field for 7 minutes of Mary.

30 Secs each exercise, chosen by PAX moving clockwise around the circle.

For example:


-6 inch hold

-WW2 Situps

-Russian Hammer




-Crunchy Frog

-Pfeiffer Scissors


Brought it in for Count and Name-o-rama, COT. No FNG’s.


Moved to Sbucks for coffeeteria, had 6 PAX attend.


Great work all!

Results can be found here:

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