Building Blocks

when: 8-29-18

qic: sandbag

pax: forrest (respect), stark

Warm-up in cadence 10-15 reps maybe 20 on some:

-windmill, imperial walker, hillbillies, side straddle hop, arm circles

mary with block in cadence 10-15 reps:

– lbc, squatting obliques (in a squat, toes pointed out, arms out to side, bend side to side at hips as far down as you can.  alternatively, you can put hands on your head and touch your elbows to knees. may be a new exercise but will need to double check the archives.)

mosey to picnic table.

block work in cadence, unless noted, until Q felt like stopping i.e. 15+

– blockees (OYO), calf raises, squats, romanian deadlift, toes touches on block, shoulder press, bent over row,  shrugs, biceps, triceps

mosey to hill.

Hill for 10 minutes AMRAP:

– push-ups at top and squats at bottom. 11 reps on first round increasing by 1 each round. forrest had 8 reps, stark & q had 7 reps.

mosey to start.

mary with block:

– freddy mercury, a few other exercise… q needs to write bb the day of the workout.


name-o-rama, COT.

– sandbag

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