The Van

Disclaimer given

  • Mosey to field and stretch
  • Sidestraddle hop
  • Mountain climbers
  • Hamstring stretch
  • Quad stretch


The PAX mosied accross the field an over to the nearby parking lot.  Wilson remarked how relieved he was that Curtain Call had not brought his work van, lest it be filled with sandbags to repeat the terrors of a recent Q.

As bad luck would have it, we turned a corner and continued down the street.  Casually, Curtain Call instructed to wait over by the white van parked on the side of the road. . .

As the PAX congregated Chief asked “Hey, isn’t that Curtain Call’s Van?”

“OMG! It is Curtain Call’s Van” exclaimed Spatzle.  That’s when the real fun began:

The PAX divided into teams of 3 to push van up hill , halfway each team on the way up, 1 team pushes it all the way down.

The rest of the group ran various exercises as the van crew pushed. Examples include:

  • Karaokes to the halfway point and switch to the end.
  • High knees to the halfway point, sprint to the end.
  • Buttkickers to the halfway point, sprint to the end.
  • Lunges to the halfway point, sprint to the end.
  • Run to the end, overhead arm claps.
  • Sprint to halfway point, bear crawl to the end.
  • Run backwards to halfway point and sprint to the end.
  • Sprint halfway, then back, then all the way to the end.

After about 40 minutes of running and pushing the van, we lined up at the bottom of the hill behind the van in 2 files. We performed an Indian run, where the 2 people from the back took over pushing for the guys at the head of the line. We kept the van moving at a running pace the whole way up the hill to finish off.

We met in the school parking lot for count and name-o-Rama, COT. Named 2 FNGs: Focker’s son “Panther” (Gabe), and “Limburger”, formerly of Wisconsin.

16 PAX in attendance, I think we had 14 at coffeeteria, so a good turnout there too.

Great effort from everyone today!

Focker killed it on the suicides, Spatzel was moving fast in the sprints, Wilson destroyed the 200m Bear crawl. Romeo wins the orienteering challenge for finding us after showing up (late) to an empty park 🙂 Lambert and Ditka seemed to have the most love for pushing the van, call them if your car breaks down!


-Curtain Call

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