Army Physical Fitness Test

7 July 2018


18 PAX

Shock Collar, Wilson, Lambert, Chief, Spinach, Brooks, Sherpa, ClockBlocker, Spatzel, Messi, PapaDoc, Odin, Dexter(FNG), Chip(FNG), Ditka, Benedict, Longboard, Curtain Call(Q).


Began the morning with a disclaimer and a mosey to the field to stretch:

10x Sidestraddle Hops

20x “Muricans

10x Windmills

15 Sec Hamstring Stretch Standing

15 Sec Good Morning Stretch


Explained that we would be conducting an Army Physical Fitness Test(APFT).

Demonstrated the proper technique for push-ups and sit-ups, and the evaluation criteria. Broke into 2 groups, 1 to exercise, 1 to grade, and vice versa.


Began with the 2 minute push-up event for group 1 and 2 in sequence.


Moved directly into the 2 minute sit-up event as before. No rest.


Jogged over to the start point of the run, took 1 minute of rest. All runners began together, ran 1 mile for time. We doubled the 1 mile time to get the 2 mile raw score. Scores can be found here:


After the last man finished, we moved over to the pull up bars for Every Minute On the Minute(EMOM):

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats

x8 Minutes


Jogged back to the circle for Mary:

20x LBC

20x Flutterkicks

15x Leg lifts

15x WW2 sit-ups

20x Russian Dancers


Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama(2 FNG’s: Chip and Dexter), ended with CoT.


Spatzel reminded us about the upcoming Monday morning Camelback hikes at 0530 on the 16th at the Echo Canyon trailhead.


14 PAX for Coffeteria.



This is my shield.
I bear it before me into battle,
But it is not mine alone.
It protects my brother on my left.
It protects my city.
I will never let my brother out of its shadow,
nor my city out of its shelter.
I will die with my shield before me facing the enemy.

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