A Buddy And/Or A Burden





Warm up

Mummy walkers

High knees

Butt kickers


Power skips


Circle up

-Side straddle hop

-Nancy Kerrigans/Tanya Hardings

-Carolina dry docks

-Finkle swings


We partnered up based on size so everyone had a buddy and burden.


Partner up

-Turkish get ups (Each partner does 5 on each arm)

-High-low partner drills (15 total)


Line up

-10 partner carries (on your own) round trip

-Yoga flows

-3 partner drags (on your own) round trip


*Nobody got dropped (that I saw), so thats good.

*Note to self:  Ditka is definitely heavier then he looks

*Fawker and Clockblocker were a good duo and took the team prize for best names.

*Jingles and Benedict had the biggest burdens but that didn’t stop them.  Nice work guys!

*Oden and Simba were the next weight class down; also with big, lanky, awkward burdens. Ya’ll are beasts

*Sherpa showed where he got his name and quietly but consistently lugged around Spaetzel

*Sunshine called AAA up to the Big Leagues and they did some damage! Well done!

*8 mile was battling like he had his song “Til I Collapse (Censored Version)” on repeat

*Slice showcased some power from his baseball background.  Pretty impressive for being a U of A guy…


-20 40 yd sprints – 10 counts in between

*Curtain Call consistently led the pack, even with some added baggage.  Somebody catch this man!

*Pitch got some wheels on him




-WWII sit ups

-Oblique v ups


-Crunchy Frogs

-Russian Twists


Count-a-rama – 19

Name-a-rama –  We were happy to welcome two FNGs; Slice and Pitch.  Both absolutely crushed the workout and we’d love to see them again.  It was also great to have Jingles from NC post!

COT – F3 recap on fitness, fellowship, and faith. Let’s be intentional about the time we have! “So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom” – Psalm 90:12


It was an honor and pleasure training with you guys this morning.  Thank you for the opportunity!



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