Ultimate Pain

Q: Odin

● Not professional
● You vs. you – listen to your body, not your mind
Side Straddle Hop x15
Imperial Walker x15
Abe Vigoda (Slow Windmill) x15

Run x2
Karaoke x2
High skip x2
Lunge x2

Ultimate Pain (Ultimate Frisbee)
x10 Merkins for every frisbee drop

1 – 10 pull-ups
2 – 20 dips
3 – partner carries
4 – 10 burpees
Plank while other team executes the exercise.

WW2 Sit-ups – 1 min
Leg throws – 30 sec
Flutter kicks

“So the balance between discipline and freedom must be found and carefully maintained. In
that, lies the dichotomy: discipline—strict order, regimen, and control—might appear to be the
opposite of total freedom—the power to act, speak, or think without any restrictions. But, in fact,
discipline is the pathway to freedom.”
– Jocko Willinick

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