Sandbags of Doom

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

16 Pax: Curtain Call (Q), Longboard, Spatzel, Clockblocker, Chief, Spinach, Wilson, Ditka, Messy, Shock Collar, Anvil, Princess, Sweatervest, FNG(#MeToo), and 2 migratory beasts: Mahatma Ice from New Orleans, and Packrat from Northwest Indiana!


Mosey to field to stretch:

10x Sidestraddle Hop

10x Windmill

10x ‘Muricans

10 secs each arm triceps stretch

Disclaimer/Safety Brief

10 secs each arm shoulder stretch


Mosey to the van, grab a sandbag.


Split into 2 “logs” of 8, run out to the field while alternating shoulders with the logs.

10x 4 count log presses

10x 4 count log curls

10x 4 count log presses


Run to the hill, alternating shoulders.

10x Log curls


Split into pairs for:

Farmers carry 2/3 of the field, and switch.

Sandbag suicides down the field, partner recovers the bags.


Mosey to the pull up bars.

7 minutes of 8 pax on Sandbag Fran, 8 pax on Sandbag Mary

Switch for last 7 minutes.

Mosey back to circle for count-o-rama, and COT. Named 1 FNG Reed “Gold Digger”. This was amended during Coffeteria to “#MeToo”.


Big shoutout to Spatzel for filling the sandbags that made this workout possible, and to our 2 guests who crushed me out there! – Curtain Call.

This is my shield.
I bear it before me into battle,
But it is not mine alone.
It protects my brother on my left.
It protects my city.
I will never let my brother out of its shadow,
nor my city out of its shelter.
I will die with my shield before me facing the enemy.

1 thought on “Sandbags of Doom

  1. It was a solid beat down and I look forward to my next trip into Phoenix to work out with my F3 desert brothers. If possible I made one of the pics with the group that I’d like to share with the F3 NOLA group.
    Keep grinding!


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