3 Doors Down

When: 6-16-18
QIC: Sandbag
The Pax: Forrest, Huggies

Gilbert, AZ / By Sandbag/ 6-16-18 / Union Station

Welcome & Disclaimer.

The Thang:
Warm-up: windmill, baby arm circles, squats, side-straddle-hop, good mornings. Quick run.

Grab a weight (20-30lbs). Mosey to the dirt trail. Start at a random door. Speed walk to 1st door and exercise, speed walk to 2nd door and exercise, speed walk to 3rd door and exercise. Turn around. Speed walk and exercise at each door until you’re back at the random starting door. Any one confused, yet? Me too. (Burpees were the first exercise. We did 7 Burpees at each of the 5 doors for a total of 35. The weight was carried overhead the entire time.)

Exercises at each door with varying reps: Burpees (35 total), lunges (60 total), pushups, Freddie Mercury, flutter kicks, calf raises, plank jacks, tip toe down and back, squats, lbc, Romanian dead lift. Probably a few others. Order was definitely different than above.

Weight was carried many different ways: hallelujah, biceps, triceps, one handed, straight in front, etc. A few trips were naked.

Mosey back to picnic tables.

Move the weight:
3 minutes of lower body exercises. Squats, lunges, calf raises, Romanian dead lift, step-ups, hillbillies, imperial walkers, etc. Just keep moving.

3 minutes of upper body.
Hallelujah, biceps, triceps, upright row, bent-over row, shrugs, etc. Just keep moving.

Count o Rama: 3
Name o Rama:
Praise and Prayers


– Sandbag

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