Stark(Q), Forest, Sandbag, Hillbilly (FNG)



A quick lap around the parking lot to get things moving.  Then circled up.

SSH x20

Windmills x15

Mountain Climbers x20

Good mornings x5

Mosy on over to the 1/2 pipe for a little more warmup before dora.

Mountain Climber Hallelujahs x10 x3….1 Mountain Climber…3 Hallelujahs, 2-6, 3-9…to 10 – 30.

We broke into 2 person teams.

3 exercises:

Merkins x100

WWIIs x 200

Squats x 300

Partner 1 started with carrying 2 bricks while other started Merkins, up and down the 1/2 pipe then switch….once merkins were done,  Did WWIIs while running w/ the slosh pipe…and finished w/ 1 brick carries opposite squats.

A quick jog to the wall…Indian balls against the wall…both ways..followed by Indian peoples chair both ways.

We did an Applesauce Indian Run around the park parking lot.  Closed out w/ Mary

Bay City Scissors x10

Low Slow Flutter x20

Plank, 11 merkins, Left side, Right Side, plank, left side, right side, 11 merkins

Plank / Left Side/ Right Side/ Plank / 5 Merkins / Plank / Left Side / Right Side / Plank /5 Merkins / Elbow Plank / Left Side/ Right Side/ Plank / 11 Merkins and we are done.

Welcome Kris Clinard visiting from CA to his first F3 workout….named him Hill Billy.


Going to try a Monday Morning Workout.

Ended w/ CoT.

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