The 38th Parallel

Q: Spatzle

PAX: 13 Lambert, Sherpa, Simba, Sweatervest, AAA, Curtain Call, Checkmate, 1040EZ, Wilson, Chief, Odin, Ditka

AO: The Furnace


<PRELUDE> 1040EZ was cruising the internet Saturday morning when he came across Spatzle’s backblast from The Long Haul To Hong Kong and thought to himself “Oh No! I haven’t been to F3 since I went the first time over a month ago!!” Off he drove in order to make it to the workout, swinging by Checkmate’s house along the way to pick him up too. . .


WARM-O-RAMA *InCadence

  • Side Straddle Hop X15
  • Windmills X15
  • Imperial Walker X15
  • Turbines X15

. . . And in pulls 1040EZ and Checkmate.  Better late then never!

  • Helicopters X15
  • Squats X10
  • Peter Parker X10
  • Mountain Climbers X10

Let’s get loose with an Indian Run.  The PAX were off to a slow start until Curtain Call turned it up (as usual) burning past the group to the front of the line.  It was on from there.  We circled around the park until Sherpa and Simba brought us on in to . . . (BUM BUM BUM) THE 38THHHHH PARALLEL!!!

We’ve seen some suspicious news coming out of North Korea lately via their OFFICIAL Twitter account DPRK News.  While Pres D.Trump is preparing to meet with the North Korean Supreme Leader this week its up to us to help him keep an eye on wily Kim Jong Un and his *alleged* reduction of the North Korea Nuclear Weapons program.

We’re sending the infantry in via bear crawls to the North of the 38th Parallel while half the team goes sprinting down South to get supplies.  When they return SWAP-O-RAMA until we clear the entire field to reach Pyongyang.  Along the way we faced such obstacles as:

  • Trenches aka 10 Burpees
  • Boggy bridges aka Planks
  • Heavy machine gun fire aka Military Crawls
  • Bomber Planes from N.Korea aka 10 WWII situps

Upon reaching Pyongyang and investigating the hermit nation’s activity it was time to return safely to S.Korea across the 38th Parallel via Crabwalks.  The team left no man behind and all made it safely home.

But we’re not done yet!! We need to send in the heavy artillery via our next workout SLOW AND HEAVY!!!

We’re bringing our tanks and guns out with:

  • Slow lunges in cadence
  • Sidewinders to the West
  • Sidewinders to the East

It was all the PAX could do to make it to the capital of the communist state but I’m proud of everyone for giving it their all.  My crystal ball tells me no one will be walking tomorrow but what’s done is done.  We’re halfway done and its time to mosey to the hill for some 11’S.

I’ll tell you right now, this was brutal after doing SLOW AND HEAVY.  <Personal reminder, this was the closest I’ve come to throwing up during a Q.  Don’t do this routine again>

We started with 10 Turkish Getups and sprinting to the other side of the hill to do 1 Burpee.  We alternated the workouts until reaching 1 Getup and 10 Burpees.  Thoughts:

  • Curtain Call took off his weight vest mid-way. . . enough said
  • AAA was unstoppable
  • Lambert, Wilson, and Chief were off to the left relentlessly grinding it out
  • Simba alternated between profanities and encouragement
  • Proud of Sherpa and a big effort
  • Everyone was walking after halfway
  • Ditka smoked the whole PAX and finished first
  • Odin told me that feeling sick was just small heart syndrome.  He’s got some big heart thats for sure.

Sufficiently devastated we mosied to the circle for Mary.  We had everyone lead a workout.  Great job to everyone on stepping up to lead. Among others we did *Incadence approx. 10-15 each

  • Low Flutter Kicks
  • High Flutter Kicks
  • LBC
  • WWII Situps
  • Crunches
  • V-Something *Basically Hell
  • Outlaws
  • Heels to Heaven
  • Daisy’s
  • More crunches

Lambert took us out with some Planks.


We ended it with COUNT-O-RAMA, NAME-O-RAMA, AND COT.

Almost all attended Coffeteria and though Starbucks was quite shorthanded we all got our coffee eventually.  I looked around as everyone was talking and realized how profoundly grateful I am to have a group of friends like these to do life with.  So thank you to all.  This is working and we’ve got a great future ahead of us!


YIC Spatzle

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