Da Bears


Start(Q), Forest, Sandbag


A quick lap around the parking lot to get things moving.  Then circled up.

SSH x20

Windmills x15

Imperial Walkers x10

Hillbillys x10

Merkins x10

After that, the Q had a nice workout in mind 🙂  Bears have been spotted down on Power rd last week, then yesterday another one was in a neighborhood in Ahwatukee, so we went w/ that theme!

First thing was to partner up.  One partner would run the course, The course was about 100 yards split into 3 sections.

  1. Farmer carry the tire the first 1/3
  2. Lunge walk w/ the Slosh pipe the next 1/3
  3. Double Cinderblock carry the last 1/3

The other partner would bear crawl alongside and finish about the same time.

Both finish w/ 5 burpees.  Then switch on the way back.

We did this 3 times.  rep2 – farmer carry the other tire, Bicep Curl w/ the slosh pipe, bicep curl with 1 brick. rep3 – farmer carry tire, Overhead lunge walk w/ the slosh pipe, overhead brick carry.

After a quick recovery, we did Bearkins….Start with 1 Merkin, followed by 4 count bear crawl, 2 merkins, 4 count bear crawl, 3 merkins….all the way to 5…then back down to 1 for a total of 25 merkins

Rinse and repeat x2

At that point, the bricks were far from the starting point so a quick jog to the bricks and did 2 rounds of Bears & Bricks to get them back.

Bears & Bricks – Get in a bear crawl, pull the brick ahead, and bear crawl to it, and pull it thru again. Rince and repeat until the end.  We broke it up into 2 sections.

Last little wrap up with a set of 21s. (ok – not a bear theme but I dont think anyone minded!!)

1st exercise – 21 brick curls 7 bottom 1/2, 7 top 1/2, 7 full

2nd exercise – Dips x21

3rd exercise – Left Right step ups x21

Time was closing in so a quick mary..

Freddy Mercurys x30

Low Slow Flutter – slow cadence/fast cadence/slow cadence x15

Plank 30sec / 11 merkins / Left hand up / Right hand up / Plank 30 seconds / 11 merkins and we are done!




Announcements :

Stark is out of town next week.  Forrest will have the Q on Sat & Wednesday.  Show him some love and make a trip out here!

Ended w/ CoT.

Nice work today men.  I know it was tough following the beat down on Monday!  Great Job!

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