In memory and tribute to our fallen soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our great country, 19 PAX posted this morning for the Memorial Day Murph beatdown.


Intro – why we all got out of the FS this AM


Explanation of course and exercises



1 mile run

100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 air squats (broken up at PAX discretion)

1 mile run

*The first mile was good wake up call, at least for YHC!  PAX were glad to learn that the straight-a-way on the South side of the Furnace had some shade!

*Everyone went hard with the pull ups, push ups, and air squats.  There were no vacancies on the pull up bars for about 30 mins

*Sweatervest wins for the most creative way to keep count of reps – he dug up tufts of grass and put them in neat rows on the sidewalk

*Curtain Call represented.  He lead the pack the whole way, all the while carrying the burden of a weight vest

*Convoy and Dial Up both set significant PRs.  Well done!  Onward and upward!

*S/O to Prime for the grit he showed in finishing

*Well done to the whole crew for leaving no man behind the whole workout, and for doing the victory mile with our last PAX



Countarama- 19 PAX.  Special shout out and sincere thank you to our military family who posted this morning, and for the many days they’ve posted on our behalf  – Oden (US Army – Officer), Doogie (US Army – Infantry), Curtain Call (US Army – Infantry)


COT – Special prayers for our military and their families, our nations’ leaders, and servicemen assimilating back into civilian life


2nd F – The tired PAX shared stories of their trials of triumphs while enjoying Chic-fil-A breakfast sandwiches kindly delivered by Mrs. Wilson


Special shout outs to:

-Oden, Doogie, Curtain Call, Hollywood, and Papa John; all good men who have served our country

-Stark & Forrest  for making the trek from Gilbert and posting this morning.  It was a pleasure to meet you guys.  If anyone is in their neck of the woods, check them out!!

-Wilson (and Mrs. Wilson), Sweatervest, Spaetzle, C(l)ockblocker who helped with the food, equipment, etc

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