The Long Haul To Hong Kong

### Call out a member of the PAX in the workout theme above using the comments below ###


Q: Spatzle

PAX: Longboard, c(L)ockblocker, Wilson, Chief, Curtain Call, Prime, Shock Collar, Odin, Convoy

FNG: Iceman, Chinstrap, Papa John, Princess


PRELUDE: Spatzle stepped off the plane from Hong Kong jet-lagged and eager to tell the PAX about his first time in the Far East.  He was shocked at how painful a long haul flight to Hong Kong was, but he wasn’t planning on keeping it a secret . . .



Side Straddle Hop X 15

Hillbilly Walker X15

Peter Parker X10

Merkins X10


In the far East people so naturally we spent some time reviewing the moves

Plank (REGULAR) / Right Arm Out / Left Leg Out / Regular


Downward Dog / Right Leg Up / Runners Pose / Warrior / Right Arm to Sky/Left Arm to Ground

Back to Plank . . . Regular – REPEATO LEFT SIDE


Ok we need to get the luggage onboard the plane.  PARTNER PULLS across the field to drag all those heavy bags into the luggage hold

We’re all set to go. . . Wait, who left Sweatervest’s pink luggage on the tarmak?!?

Partner pushes back across the field to get those fancy digs aboard. . . man Convoy is fast, good to have you back brother


Get ready for 长途旅行到香港 . . . in english that means. . . THE LONG HAUL TO HONG KONG!!!


We’re going to circle up in the field and partner up.  One partner does Sidewinders around the circle (Curtain Call and Odin seemed overly excited here) while the other runs around the outside. . . Upon catching up with their sidewinding breathren they take over.  We sidewind all the way around the globe until we get to Hong Kong. <Even Longboard regretted how big we made the circle>

Wilson and c(L)ockblocker started doing it wrong off the bat but figured it out eventually.  FNG Iceman and Princess started to regret Sweatervest’s HL into coming.

Now that we’re in the far east time for some BLIMPS because. . . why not?!?

Now its time to take the long haul back. Time to circle up again and repeato back to the other side of the circle

I’m pretty sure the circle was smaller the second time.

This workout was so hard that 1040EZ would be talking for days. . . BTW where is that guy?. . . and where’s the guy that brought him (Checkmate)


Mosey to the playground for some Mary followed by COUNT-O-RAMA / NAME-O-RAMA / COT / COFFETERIA

Glad to have Papa John out today, hope to see you again soon man.  Chin-strap kept up with all the old guys.  Shock Collar is pretty impressive these days and word is he’s training for a half-marathon.  Prime’s becoming a regular now and looking forward to Chief’s Q next week.





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