Bricks are your friend!


Start(Q), Forest, Sandbag, Tater (Passing thru from Houston), Gracie (FNG)


We welcomed Tater our out of town guest, passing thru on his way to Disneyland w/ the family.


A quick lap around the parking lot to get things moving.  Then circled up.

SSH x20

Windmills x15

Imperial Walkers x10

Hillbillys x10

Good mornings x10

From there, each PAX grabbed a Cinderblock.  We would proceed to get very familiar with said bring for the next 45 mins.

We started with a set of 11s the exercises being Squats & Brickees. (A Brickee is a burpee holding the brick.)  The exercise was done on each side of the 1/2 pipe on Death hill, carrying your brick the entire time.

Fast fwd 20 mins and the PAX knocked it out…all be it a little gassed.  From there, we split up into 2 groups for a set of Dora.

1 partner does an exercise with their brick, while the other partner runs the 1/2 pipe, does 5 reps of an exercise and runs back.  Then they switch picking up the count where the other left off.  The exercises were:

Brick Bell Swings x100   –   5 merkins for the runner

Tricep Extensions x100 – 5 squats for the runner

Bicep Cirles x100 – 5 plankjacks for the runner

Overhead Claps x100 (no bricks) – 5 plankjacks for the runner

A quick recovery followed by an applesauce Indian run.  The PAX run at a slow pace, person in the back drops and does 5 merkins, then sprints to the front, The person in the back drops, does 5 merkins and sprints….we did this cycle around the entire parking lot.

Then back to the meeting spot for some Mary.

Freddy Mercurys x50 (25 each leg) OYO

WWII x25

Low Slow Flutter x25

Plank / Left Side/ Right Side/ Plank / 5 Merkins / Plank / Left Side / Right Side / Plank /5 Merkins / Elbow Plank / Left Side/ Right Side/ Plank / 11 Merkins and we are done.

Name-o-Rama, named Ron Renzi (FNG – Now known as Gracie)

Prayers to tater for safe travel.

Ended w/ CoT.

It was an honor to lead you men today.  Great work!

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