The Promised Land

Q:  Moses

FNGs – Robert (Hearsay) and Chet (Digger)

WarDaddy – Shock Collar


16 pax gathered at the park for some fun before the blistering dry heat of PHX early summer.  Ironically, Turnpike got lost and posted about 15 minutes late, making our number 17.  My apologies for the delay in getting this documented and posted.  You’ll note that some of the details of our workout escape me…but i never let the facts get in the way of a good story.



Warmorama – burpee progression, with 1 burpee and an exercise, followed by 2 burpees and an exercise…up to 5 burpees and a final warm up exercises.  Warm up exercises included SSH, IST, windmills and a couple others.

Mosey to the field for partner-push / partner-pull.  This was the slip & slide version in the mud.  Note, it’s important to offer some resistance, let your partner doesn’t get a good workout.  For you flat-landers in the PHX area, this is how you can simulate the hills you’re missing.

We mixed in some ab exercises on the field, to soak up some of the standing water…it’s what we do!  We take care of the parks that take care of us.  Knee-ups, mason twists, and…  At this point, Spaetzel demonstrated advanced F3 knowledge with 3 of the 5 characteristics of an F3 workout.  All 5 being:

* free, open to all men, peer-led, always outdoors, ends in a COT

Mosey to the park corner…I’d say hill, but that might be misleading to anyone not from PHX reading this backblast.  In a nod to my friend, Gnarly Goat, we dialed the plank clock with exercises at 12, 3, 6, and 9 (or 1200, 1500, 1800, and 2100 hours).  Exercises included Peter Parker, Parker Peter, Makhtar N’Diaye…arrive Turnpike!  Good to have your join us, brother.  Try the GPS next time.

From the edge of the park, YHC noted the beautiful parking lot of the middle school next door – which just so happens to have been TH3’s middle school!  I found that out after the workout.

After warming up the calf muscles with 3 sets, at 15 reps, in-cadence, we ran the parking lot.  50% speed to the halfway point and 75% to the end.  Repeato.  Then 75% to the half way point and 100% to the end.  Repeato.  Curtain Call was out in front every time, daring the pax to step up and challenge him.  Well done.  He even directed the middle school teachers to steer clear of our runway!

We then split up into groups of 3 for back and bicep work.  With one of the 3 laying prone, face-up on the ground and the other 2 using the lawnmower pull to lift him while his arms were at a static curl 90 degrees.  All 3 cycled through.  Then the person on the ground did the work while the 2 guys standing held their arms at a static 90 degrees.

We stretched our legs for a few minutes in the parking lot before returning to the starting point for a series of 7s…6 step-ups and 1 dip, followed by 5 step-ups and 2 dips…until finally, 1 step-up and 6 dips.  6 mins of Mary ensued, with low flutters, left leg flutter, right leg flutter and Rosalita.

We then exercised our brains for the last 2 minutes of the workout and YHC shared OBT’s story of the 3rd 500.  You can read about it in Freed to Lead…or come to an F3 workout and ask one of the pax who was there last Wednesday.



1) T-Claps to our FNGs, Hearsay (FKA Robert) and Digger (FKA Chet).  Special recognition to Digger, who bore the pain and suffering of getting is sneakers a little grassy and wet.  Your sacrifice didn’t go unnoticed.

2) Welcome back to our Kotter, Thurston Howell, III (TH3), whose last workout was about 6-month ago in Charleston, SC. It was great to see you in the gloom and for drinks/dinner after all these years.  You’ll always be Isotope OG to me.

3) Good to see another East Coast Time Zone guy, Spit from Richmond, VA.

4) PHX – you have something special in this F3 thing.  Keep it growing.  If you’re not growing, you’re dying…which is true in relationships as well as F3.  I’ll be back to PHX before the end of the year.  I can’t wait to see the changes and growth.

5) MiniMe – thanks for getting me on the Q list on short notice.

6) Longboard – thanks for the honor of leading this fine group of men.


YHC thanked the men of PHX F3 in prayer for the motivation to defy the FS this morning and take the DRP.

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