Enter Curtain Call

11 PAX

Curtain Call(Q), Sherpa, Ditka, ClockBlocker, Wilson, Chief, Lambert, Longboard, Odin, Doogie, and K-9.


We started promptly at 0600 with a Mosey to the field, followed by:

10x sidestraddle hops

10x Muricans

10x Windmills

Shoulder stretch 15secs each side

Triceps stretch 15secs each side

Disclaimer given (and summarily dismissed) during stretches.

We began our workout with sidewinders (Wide push-up, step left, close grip push-up, step left, wide pushup…etc. 4 minutes. We bear crawled the rest of the length of the large field.

Next, we ran over to the pull up bars, partnered up, and did 3 sets each of assisted chin ups, 30 secs per set.

We then ran to the hill to get started on the real workout: Push up pyramid to 6 reps, working alternately with your partner. Then, diamond push up pyramid to 5 reps in the same way. We made a half moon at the base of the hill, and introduced the men to the overhead arm clap: 4 count, 75 reps. We followed this up immediately with the Iron Butterfly: 4 count, 50 reps.

Suitably fatigued from the shoulder workout, we reassembled in the large field for the home stretch: 20 4 count Cobras to get the blood pumping, then 10 minutes of: 12 push-ups, 12 4 count flutter kicks, and then jog in place to the top of the next minute. We finished the Front, Back, Go’s, and jogged a full circuit of the park back to the large field for Mary.


We started with:

-leg throws (another partner exercise) 30 secs each

-1 minute of low plank

-V-ups 30 secs

-russian dancer 30 secs

-low plank 45 secs


We concluded our workout with a jog back the concrete to perform the count-o-rama, name 2 FNGs(Doogie[Patrick Sarette]and K-9[Travis Penske]), and finish with a circle of trust.

9 of 11 stuck around for coffeeteria, and good refreshments and conversation were enjoyed by all. We left with anticipation of the “Murph” Memorial Day workout, courtesy of Longboard!


This is my shield.
I bear it before me into battle,
But it is not mine alone.
It protects my brother on my left.
It protects my city.
I will never let my brother out of its shadow,
nor my city out of its shelter.
I will die with my shield before me facing the enemy.

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