What is it about BLIMPS?

Date: 5/16/2018

QIC: Stark

AO: Union Station

PAX: Stark, Forrest

The theme is getting kind of old.  Forrest again was the lone PAX showing up.  Looking for some love from above to help spread the word.


Started with a nice lap around the parking lot to get things moving.

  • SSH
  • Abe Vigoda
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Doggie Paddles
  • Good Mornings

The Thang

Call it odd, but I really like the BLIMPS circuit.  So we started out w/ a combination of Evolution of Man and a BLIMPS circuit.

It consisted of 6 stations

Burpees x5

Lunge Jump x10 each leg

Imperial Walkers x15 each leg

Merkins x20

Plank Jacks x25

Squats x30

Movement between stations changed each rotation.

Rotation 1 – Bear Crawls between station.

Rotation 2 – Lunge Walks between

Rotation 3 – Frog Jumps.

At the end of each rotation, we did an applesauce run around the parking lot.

Leader runs, tail drops, does 5 merkins and sprints to the front.

We were getting kind of gassed after that, and legs were starting to feel it.

On to the next exercise.

21 – Blackjack!

For those that have not been to Freestone, the 1/2 pipe (or Pain Hill) is about a 50 yard sprint from the parking lot, down a hill then up the other side.

We knew time we not going to be our friend here.  We started at 1 burpee – Run the halfpipe then 20 LBCs then Run the halfpipe back.  2 burpees, Run, 19 LBCs, Run…We did it until we had 5 mins left.

Closed out w/ some MARY

Freddy Mercury x30

Homer to Marge x30

Russian Hammers x50

Plank 30 secs, 11 Merkins, Plank, Left side, Right side, 11 Merkins

and we are done.



Sat AO will be at 6am, bring an FNG.

COT and Done!

1 thought on “What is it about BLIMPS?

  1. so waht’s the deal? is it too hot for the locals already in May? will you be working out next week on Wednesday, May 23? Moses


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