Global Warming

Q: LongBoard/Wilson

AO: The Furnace




Warm up

Chinook (x15)

Windmill (x10)

Nancy kerrigans (x 15/leg)

Sprinkler (x15/side)

Finkle Swings (x10/leg)

Steve Earle (x15)


Indian run around the AO

Global warming – PAX circle up and side shuffle clockwise.  On Qs command, pax perform exercise (Merkins, Burpees, Bobby Hurley’s, and plank jacks) and then settle into the Al Gore.  On Qs command, PAX side shuffle counterclockwise and repeat until Q is satisfied.

Partner up! Partner 1 runs while partner 2 did 4x4s (Burpee into plank, then 4 Merkins followed by 4 mountain climbers/leg) until partner 1 comes back. Switch and repeat.


Mosey to semi circle:

Step/hop/crawl overs (20x)

Partner 1 does L sits/leg lifts

Partner 2 does WWII sit ups

12 “Longboard minutes” of Cindy

5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 air squats


1040EZ educated and entertained the PAX with his expertise on the Merkin,  and we suffered through Mary together:


1 min low plank

1 min side plank(L)

1 min side plank (R)

Dolly’s (x 15)

Flutterkicks (x 15)

Rosalitas (x 15)

Recover recover

Count a Rama – 10

Name a Rama – Wilson, Spinach, Chief, Longboard, Curtain Call, Lambert, Checkmate, 1040-EZ, AAA, 8 mile (FNG).


We were glad to welcome 8 Mile to the Furnace. Hopefully he didn’t lose himself and we’ll see him again!



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