Don’t be a Sally, they’re only playing cards!

QIC: Stark

AO: Union Station

PAX: Stark, Forest, Prime, Convoy

4 pax came out this morning to get stronger and what a great morning it was.


We started w a quick lap around the parking lot followed by:

SSH x20

Emperial Walkers x10

Hill Billys x10

Windmills x10

The Thang

Its only a deck of cards, 52 possible beatdowns.  The Deck-o-Death.

Each number on the card represents the reps.

Each suit represents an exercise.

Any time there is an Ace, we do an Applesauce Indian Run (person in the back does 5 merkins, and sprints to the front of the pack, last person drops and does 5…rinse and repeat)

After the 2nd ace appears, we switch exercises.

Round 1:

Diamonds: Burpees

Spades: Box Jumps onto the picnic table

Hearts: Mountain Climbers

Clubs: Dips

The first Ace was pulled fairly early, the 2nd right about 1/2 way thru…so we move to Round 2:

Diamonds: Merkins

Spades: Squat Jumps

Hearts: Plank Jacks

Clubs: Lunges

The 4th ace was conveniently pulled last which lead to the last applesauce lap.

At this point, the PAX were fairly gassed, but they pressed on.

After a quick recovery at the picnic tables, then onto the next station.

Musical Chairs

This was supposed to be done down a wall, but due to poor placement of said wall, we had to improvise.  The PAX does 2 box jumps followed by 2 walking irkens(inclined merkin walking left on the up) , rinse and repeat working yourself around all the tables.

At this point, the pax has a good leg burn going so we decided to finish off with a little help from Sally.
If you dont know, Sally is from the song Flower by Moby.  Its a set of 31 reps in cadence to the song.  Bring Sally up, you move up, Bring Sally down, you go down.  We did this using Squats.
Fast Fwd 3mins and 30 seconds, the PAXs legs were spaghettied.


Can’t finish it off w/out a quick mary.

Russian Hammers x50 (25 each side)

Homer to Marge x30

30 second plank

15 left side/ 15 right side

11 Merkins

Back to 30 second plank

15 left side/15 right side

11 Merkins.

And we are done!

It was my pleasure to lead you men.  Killer job today!

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