3 & 1/2 Men

When: 4-28-2018
QIC: Sandbag (VQ)
The Pax: Forrest, Picard, 7-8er (2.0)
Gilbert, AZ / By Sandbag/ 4-28-18 / Union Station
No BOM… Pax showed up at 6:59:59, but thankfully the VQ wasn’t wasted on myself.
Welcome & Disclaimer.
The Thinga
Warm-up lap, side-straddle-hop, good mornings, merkins, arm circles.
Q thought it would be a good idea to run…too much running. But it’s something Q needs to work on! Start at the power pole with 20 squats, run to the next power pole (300+/- yards away), 20 squats and repeat. Finish where we started. Round 2: Start at power pole with 25 merkins run to next power pole 25 merkins. Finish where we started. Did I say too much running?
Next, find some shade with a little hill on the other side. Partner up since there was only 2 of us now. One partner LBC while other partner RUNS (why are we running again?) and switch until 100 count. Next peoples chair while the other partners runs up the hill. Yeah we ran more…
 Various exercises in the shade i.e. peoples chair, calf raises, LBCs.
Finished with Mary. Tricep dips OYO 10 + 8 + 7. Abs work with plank, LBC & Flutter Kicks.
Count o Rama: 2
Name o Rama:
Praise and Prayers
– Sandbag

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