Dial-Up’s First Q

Q: Dial-Up Spatzle

PAX: Sweatervest, Longboard, C(L)ockblocker, Checkmate, Chief, Wilson, Doc, FNG Hollywood, FNG Lambert

Dial-Up showed up ready to lead his first. . . . wait, where is Dial-Up? Isn’t he Q for this workout?  Looks like Dial-Up’s modem got caught buffering on his way to the workout and he’ll be MIA this morning. <<<Enter Spatzle with a backup plan of pain for the PAX>>>

In other news, North Korea may be getting rid of it’s nuclear weapons program (thanks President Trump!!) but the PAX were primed and ready to bring a NUCLEAR EXPLOSION of fitness to the fields of Arcadia Park.

#Disclaimer Given



  • Side Straddle Hop X15
  • Imperial Walker X15
  • Hillbilly Walker X15
  • Windmill X10
  • Planks

Indian Run Circling Park X2. . . ending back on field.  Checkmate was starting to doubt his decision to show up this morning. BTW, where is Curtain Call? He’s always so good at this.

Time for THE BEAST (Run down and back field, stopping at 6 stations)

  • Station 1: Mercins X20
  • Station 2: Jump Squats X20
  • Station 3: WWII Situps X20. . . Even Doc was starting to feel it now and he is an actual BEAST
  • Station 4: HandsUp Mercins X10
  • Station 5: Plankjacks X10
  • Station 6: Burpees X10

Mosey to sidewalk dividing the field for. . . THE 38th PARALLEL

In honor of the historic peace accord between North and South Korea we are teaming up with President Trump to deliver a swift-kick-of-freedom-to-the-face to North Korea by invading across the 38th parallel (the sidewalk) after North Korea inevitably regresses on it’s promise to dismantle it’s nuclear weapons program.

BEGIN!! Team Member 1 bear crawls across North Side of field invading North Korea while Team Member 2 runs back across South Side of field to get supplies from South Korea.  When Team Member 2 returns back with supplies. . . SWAP-O-RAMA.  After reaching Pyongyang and decimating Kim-Jong-Un with an arsenal of mercins the team crab walks back (to watch out for bombers above) to the 38th parallel and safety.

On their way into North Korea the PAX dealt with all sorts of hostile dangers such as:

  • Trenches to Jump Over (10 Burpees)
  • N. Korea’s archaic fleet of B-52 Bombers (10 WWII Situps)
  • Cryptic Tweets from the American President (10 Mercins)
  • More Trenches (15 Jump Squats)

Sweatervest almost bear-crawled into a land mine (dog crap) but made it home alive after all.  Longboard kept the PAX going with call-outs while Spatzle was on supply runs and visa-versa.  The PAX all made it back from combat in N. Korea only to mosey to the wall for. . .

  • The People’s Chair x 20 seconds
  • Mercins X 10

Then it was time to mosey to the hill for BLIMPS.  Teaming up again in pairs with one PAX doing the designated workout while the other runs over the hill and back.

  • 50 Burpees
  • 50 Lunges
  • 50 Imperial Walkers
  • 50 Mercins. . . Everyone seemed to be slowing down here except for Chief who wouldn’t leave his partner hanging
  • 50 PlankJacks
  • 50 Squats

(Dr. Chirag Kapadia wandered by asking what we were up to. . . Longboard HC’d him for Wednesday’s AO)

Mosey to circle for MARY

  • Leg Dips (L/R) 20 at own pace


  • Freddie Mercuy X10
  • Heels-To-Heaven X10
  • LBC X10
  • Lieutenant Dan X10 (Turns out Hollywood worked for Lieutenant Dan back in CA.  How ironic)
  • Russian Twists X10
  • WWII Situp X10
  • Longboard Q’d up Bulgarian Baby-Makers X10 to bring us in (Where does he get these names?)




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