C(L)ock Blocker’s First Q…. has anyone seen Spatzle??

QIC: Sweater Vest, C(L)ock Blocker

AO: The Furnace

PAX: Sweater Vest, C(L)ock Blocker, Road Rash, Longboard, Curtain Call, Trojan, Chief, Wilson, Spinach, Short Sale, Earth Mover (visiting from South Carolina), Tiny Tim (FNG Tim Kempton), Jameson (FNG – Roger Leahy)


It was a lot brighter this Wednesday morning as the PAX arrived in Arcadia park. A daunting reminder that summer is near and the “furnace” will soon be living up to its name! There was a little extra shade provided by FNG Tiny Tim and hoping he’ll continue the service as summer continues. Not just for the shade, he was a great guy too! Earth Mover provided additional shade and brought a wealth of F3 knowledge from the East Coast.

The “powers-at-be” somehow approved C(L)ock Blocker to Q for the first time; thank goodness Sweater Vest was there to realize this might not be a great idea and kicked things off….

#Disclaimer Given

<Enter Longboard in typical fashion>

Sweater Vest @ Q: Mosey out to the middle of the field. Sweater Vest took the scenic route past the chin-up bars where the PAX tried to sequester bad memories from Longboard’s last Q. Circled-up in the middle of the field and Sweater Vest began to count. Clearly neither USC nor Columbia teach counting. [Proper counting cadence: Next Exercise is, Side Straddle Hop!, Starting Position, Move!, In Cadence, Exercise!, 1..2..3]. Sweater Vest did the USC version and I’m sure to the complete dismay of Earth Mover! It went something like – Side straddle hops x15, Imperial Walkers x15, (Earth Mover Callout) Hillbilly Walkers x15, Copperhead Squats x12, Redneck Walkers x15, Windmills x12, Merkins x10, Peter Parker 12x, Freddie Mercury x12.

Mosey to the concrete benches. Note the PAX was generally in a good mood; not even a sweat; a small glow….

The Thang – Part I: In keeping with our recent theme – Get Our Bodies Ready for the Beach – Sweater Vest led the PAX into the semi-circle for some Leg and Chest exercises. We all can’t look like Longboard or Curtain Call overnight, but we can try! Raises x12 (each leg), Slow Chair Dips x10, Slow Derkins x10, Leg Raises x10 (each leg), Slow Chair Dips x10, Slow Derkins x10.

The Thang – Part II: With our legs and cores chiseled, it was time for the beach. The PAX confidently strode to the sand where they broke into teams of two. While Teammate 1 ran the perimeter of the Sandbox (approx. 100 yards), Teammate 2 completed as many of the following rounds of exercises as possible: Pull-ups, Diamond Merkins, Diamonds to the Sky Heals to Heaven (thanks for keeping us straight Earth Mover!). Trojan made it look easy and must have been a lifeguard in his last life.

C(L)ock Blocker @ Q: Now the PAX was warm! Longboard gave a countdown (C(L)ock Blocker snuck some water) and back out to the field they went. Line-up, pick a partner, and here’s what we call Camp Town Races. Partner 1 bear crawls from the sidewalk to the far tree (100-yds) while Partner 2 runs the full square (400-yds). Once the square run catches Partner 1 the two switch with Partner 2 now continuing the exercise and Partner 1 running the square (repeat). Once the bear hit the tree, it was back to the sidewalk via frog hop, back to the tree via crab walk, and finished things off with returning to the sidewalk via no cheat’n lunges. Chief may have thought about punching his brother-in-law (C(L)ock Blocker) but he remembered how he introduced him to his beautiful wife and that feeling quickly left. His two best buds Wilson and Spinach were animals (as usual) but pretty sure they were both huffing at the end. Road Rash continues to train for the Olympics and I’m pretty sure could have done another round. It’s a full out race between Curtain Call, Long Board, and Road Rash as to who is AZ King of F3!


As the final teams finished, early teams were relieved of plank-o-funs and all mosey back to the concrete benches for Mary. No one was disappointed that C(L)ock Blocker didn’t pull a Spatzle with a surprise extension of workout. BTW: Where was Spatzle?!

Mary: C(L)ock Blocker, who attended the Harvard of the West (UofA), is a very good counter and closed us out with scissor kicks x20, Heals to Heaven x10, Knees-to-Elbows x20, Peter Parker x10 and straight into final merkins x10.

Short Sale made an epic comeback. He was deeply missed, and the PAX welcomed him back with open arms. This guy is solid as solid can be and steady as a rock. I’m pretty sure he’d win the show survivor!

FNG Jameson had the longest commute hailing from either New York City or Ireland depending how you view it. He talked funny but there was nothing funny about his fitness. The guys in shape and he’s welcome back anytime!

FNG Tiny Tim was a great addition. The guy is 6’11’, played college basketball at Notre Dame and professional basketball for several NBA teams, including the Phoenix Suns. We all hope he comes back because he definitely added to the “cool” factor of the group! Plus, as mentioned above, he was a great guy and couldn’t have been any nicer.

Coffeteria followed with Curtain Call, Longboard, Sweater Vest, Tiny Tim, Jameson, and C(L)ock Blocker. Jameson paid which made it all the better!


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