Good Morning. . . Arcadia!

Q: Longboard/Road Rash



Mosey to hill area



-Inch Worms

-Jog to starting area

-High Kicks

-High Knees

-Butt Kickers

-Bear Crawls

-Crab Walks

Lots of mumble chatter and complaining about the cold ground


Circle up

3 yerkins (yoga merkins) OYO between each exercise

-Side straddle hop x 10

-Imperial walkers x 10

-Peter Parkers x 10

-Jon Jones x 10

-Copperhead squats x 10

-Plank jacks x 10


Being from Hawaii, I noted that we utilized “the beach” last week without proper beach safety training….so we got that squared away this week.

Lifeguard training

Groups of 3

Partner 1 – Holds a chin up

Partner 2 – Holds a plant (high or low)

Partner 3 – Run around and scan the beach for some stragglers

Rinse and repeat, 3 times

Fuego, who has a career in public safety, clearly was in his element.  Meanwhile, his brother Convoy was taking it to the next level and “treading water” on the pull-up bar, getting in some extra ab work!


11s (or 22s?)

1 Burpee, 10 Merkins, run 30 yds, 1 Burpee, 10 Merkins, run 30 yds

2 Burpees, 9 Merkins, run 30 yds, 2 Burpees, 9 Merkins, run 30 yds


10 Burpees, 1 Merkin, run 30 yds, 10 Burpees, 1 Merkin, run 30 yds

There was debate over the name, but by the middle of the exercise, nobody had enough juice to make a coherent argument.

Mosey to LBH (Little Baby Hill)


Jacob’s ladder with monkey humpers.

1 monkey humper at bottom

Run to top of LBH

5 monkey humpers

Back to base of LBH

1 monkey humper

10 monkey humpers

Back to base of LBH

….repeat until 35 monkey humpers

…Let’s just say Arcadia woke up to an unpleasant surprise of 6s belonging to our PAX.


The Escalator

10 burpees

20 merkins

30 air squats

40 walking lunges

50 bone on bone

Curtain Call led the pack as usual.  Someone needs to catch him…who’s up for it!!?



9 Dollys

11 American Hammers

13 Rosalitas

15 Little Baby Crunches (LBCs)


Count a Rama – 11

Name a Rama – Roadrash, Dial Up, Curtain Call, Convoy, Fuego, 88, Longboard, Sweatervest, Spaetzel, Chief, Prime (FNG)

‘88 lives in the Bay Area and was visiting family in town, but couldn’t resist the opportunity to burn with us in the Furnace!  He shared about their AO in the Bay and introduced the brilliant concept of a celebration of sorts for first time Qs, that we may look to adopt!

Prime (FNG) does programming at Amazon and has been living in Phoenix his whole life.  He rarely ventures out of the loop 202 so we are glad he posted!!



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