Das Blitzkrieg with Spatzle

QIC: Spatzle

AO: The Furnace

PAX: Sweatervest, Longboard, C(L)ockBlocker, Road Rash, Curtain Call


Excited to lead the PAX through his first full Q Spatzle planned out a special history lesson to incorporate into this workout while generously borrowing from @Plunger’s Q a few weeks back

#Disclaimer Given

Warm-O-Rama (In Cadence)

  • Side Straddle Hop X15
  • Imperial Walker X15
  • Plank Jack X10

<Enter Longboard in typical fashion>

  • Mountain Climbers X15
  • Windmills X15
  • Copperhead Squat X15

Mosey to Steps (Is this still the warm-up asks Sweatervest?)

(At Own Pace)

  • Box Jumps at own pace X20 (Longboard was unsure of these due to a past traumatic experience)
  • Dips X10
  • Right Leg Step Ups X10
  • Left Leg Step Ups X10
  • Irken X10
  • Dirken X10

The Thang

  • Indian Run Around The Park – Curtain Call was a beast at this and made short work of making it to the head of the PAX.  Road Rash exclaimed how excited he was to be running more today than he had in the last few years.  Good morale-boosting mumble chatter kept the PAX going!

Then we headed to the hill on Osborn where Spatzle began his history lesson and his new workout plan for the PAX. . .

  • The Paul Revere! In honor of this date in history (April 18) and Paul Revere’s historic ride in the 1700’s the PAX teamed up into pairs with one teamate doing 17 (from the century 1700’s) 4×4’s (burpee, merican x4, mountain climbers x4) while the other ran over the hill and back.

It should be noted that Sweatervest was certain he would complete all 17 4×4’s before his teammate returned.  He was sorely mistaken (see what I did there?)

  • The Paul Revere Continues. . . after completing the group sets of 17 and a 10 count recover from Road Rash Spatzle continued his history lesson. . . in more precise fashion.  Not only was Paul Revere born in the 1700’s, he was specifically born in 1734.  Being a numbers guy, Spatzle figured the only appropriate end to the workout would be to finish Paul Revere’s DOB to add the 34 with an additional 17 team 4×4’s. . . . REPEATO!!!

Mosey to field.  Paul Revere had 8 children so in honor of those 8 souls we laid down. . . . Crazy 8’s!

  • Station 1: Burpees X8
  • Station 2: Diamond Merkins x16
  • Station 3: Jump Squats X24
  • Station 4: American Hammer X32

By this point C(L)ockblocker’s mumble chatter had turned to angry remarks at Spatzle’s unjust treatment of a patriotic figure as a gut-busting workout regime.

  • Planks (Regular, RA out, LA out, RL up, LL up)

Mosey to parking lot

  • Suicides 3 lengths

Mosey to Circle


  • Freddie Mercury X15
  • Diamond To Sky X10
  • Box Cutter X7 (Spatzle was tired)
  • Low Flutter X10  (Navy SEALS were not present Sweatervest)
  • LBC X10
  • WWII Situps X10

Recover, Recover


COT > Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, #GiveItAway discussion, BOM

Coffeteria with Spatzle, Curtain Call, Longboard, Sweatervest

1 thought on “Das Blitzkrieg with Spatzle

  1. Awesome Job Phoenix. Nothing like a little theme to keep the pax motivated and guessing. Truly an honor to be with you men. Keep up the great work. Will be out there soon!


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