Welcome To The Furnace

Wednesday was Day 2 on our own.  Not sure who gave us the keys to this thing but we’re speeding along the side streets of Arcadia with the top down and starting to get a little brave…maybe a little…too brave?


Sweater Vest started the morning chipper as always with a welcome and disclaimer, and then the real fun began.

  1. Warm-up
  • Side straddle hops x15
  • Imperial walkers x15
  • Copperhead squats x15
  • Windmills x15
  • Merkins x10
  • Freddie Mercury x15
  • Peter Parker 15x


Mini-Me gave such a great beatdown last week with “The Beast” the PAX wanted more of it, so Sweater Vest did the honors!  Due to time constraints (and likely lots of desperate prayers from the PAX) , it ended up getting modified…

  1. The Beast Lite (3 exercise, 6 reps, 6 stations): PAX runs to each station, completes 6 reps of exercise
  • Diamond Push ups
  • Diamond Leg ups
  • Hand-release Burpees


Pops (a 61 year old FNG, #respectrespect) couldn’t be stopped and made the rest of the PAX look like school boys, while Doc (FNG) surgically tackled every rep like it was his job (calm, cool, and collected of course).  Meanwhile, Roadrash cruised through the Beast Lite like it was a long yellow at an intersection.


Then SV passed the torch to Spatzle…

  1. Indian Run around the Furnace

The PAX kept a good pace during this #thang and Anvil (#respect) was flying for *most* of the run and really impressed the PAX, showing his superiority to the Roadrunner.


Then Spatzel lined us up across the field for more….

  1. “Uno”
    • Sprint ¼ of field, 5 Merkins, run back to start
    • Sprint 1/2 of field, 10 jump squats, run back to start
    • Sprint 3/4 of field, 15 plankjacks run back to start
    • Sprint full length of field, 20 burpees, run back to start


Rumor has it that Spatzel originally planned for the workout to be called “Dos” where, upon completion of this workout, he would surprise the PAX that they were about to repeat it, doing double the reps of everything the second time around….but, we were saved the by the bell (muchos gracias!!) and off to the pull-up bars for YHC’s shenanigans.   FNG Pops looked very grateful to be moving on, little did he know Longboard had a real treat in store. . . Spatzle passed the torch to Longboard … who knew there were four sets of chin-up bars in the far corner of the Furnace


  1. Tabatas (8 rds: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off – Alternating with Partner, modifying as necessary)


  • Chin ups/Chin up holds/Hanging from bar
  • Sitting tricep dips


  • L sits/Hanging L Sits/Hanging from bar
  • High planks, low planks, side plank (L), side plank (R)


  1. Mosey to circle:
  • Slow count Merkins (x10)
  • Seal Jacks (x10)
  • Slow count Urkins (x10)
  • Seal Jacks (x20)


We then did Count-a-rama and got to know some of the FNGs.

Doc (FNG) – brother-in-law to Sweater Vest.  Doc jogged to the PAX (1+ mile) and competed with Longboard for the supreme leader of the workout.  Sweater Vest was pleased to hear Thursday afternoon that Doc was a little sore😊

Pops (FNG) – father of C(L)lock Blocker.  Pops kicked butt, especially his sons!!!

Trojan (FNG) laid as low as the Greek soldiers sneaking into Troy, but keep your eye on him as he has been known to #sandbag. (Not to be confused with our Sandbag who I’d bet was rucking somewhere on his side of town!)

Spinach (FNG) claimed “he didn’t do arms” but he could’ve fooled the rest of us PAX with the chin ups he was cranking out.

Chief (FNG) somehow escaped with a really nice name; much to the dismay of brother-in-law C(L)ock Blocker.  Life isn’t fair!  Chief also posted with his trusty neighbor, Wilson (FNG), who is always just a fence away if you ever need any advice.

We ended with a story about a life lived with intentionality and then went to announcements and Coffeeteria.   Next time, don’t miss the chance to share a drink with Pops – his shirt wasn’t wrong.  He drinks well with others!



Pax Count: Longboard, Sweater Vest, C(L)ock Blocker, Spatzle, Roadrash, Anvil, Reed (Trojan – FNG), Connor (Chief – FNG), Kelly (Pops – FNG), Emil (Doc – FNG), Mike (Spinach – FNG), Evan (Wilson – FNG)

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