Beast in the Desert

PAX: Longboard, Slim (Jeff-FNG), Dial Up, Crypto (John-FNG visiting from NY), Benedict (Wayne-FNG), Sweater Vest, C(L)ockblocker, Shock Collar, Spatzle

10 men including 3 FNGs (one via a bet for lunch!) gather around the warm desert floor, in the shadows of the great Camelback Mountains to get after it at the newest LEAP location.

#Disclaimer given

Warm-O-Rama (in cadence unless noted)

Side Straddle Hop x 15

Toy Soldiers x 10

Mericans x 10

Squat x 10

Windmill x 10

Mosey to Field


The Beast (6 exercise, 6 reps, 6 stations): PAX runs to each station, completes 6 reps of exercise.

Exercises: 1. Mericans, 2. Jump Squats, 3. WW II sit-ups, 4. Hand Release Merican, 5. Carolina Dry Docks, 6. Burpee

Mosey to Launch Pad for MARY and Practice lead/counting

Sweater Vest, Londboard, Spatzle, Shock Collar, C(L)ockblock leads us through various MARY exercises

Mosey back to Field for #BlueIndian- (Only got through 1/2 due to time)

Partner up

Partner 1: Bear crawls field

Partner 2: lap around field

flip flop repeato

Partner 1: Crab walk field

Partner 2: lap around field

Mosey to Launch Pad


Low Peter Parker

Low Dolly


Naked Man Moleskine:

  1. Great seeing 10 men from the desert post this morning.  Sweater Vest applying the EH on Slim Tuesday, who then posts Wednesday!  Nice work SV!
  2. Great having 3 FNGs this morning.  FNGs make this thing what it is.  Remember, leave no man behind, and especially don’t leave him where you found him!  C(L)ockblock and Sweater Vest bet lunch for who could get their brother-in-law to post this morning. SV BIL goes to Masters, C(L)ockblock’s BIL (from NY) post!  I’m thinking a nice steak makes a great lunch!
  3. Don’t worry Longboard, we usually start on time, but you can get there late, then dominate #TheBeast!
  4. Speaking of dominate, Slim’s 1st post and he was killing this workout. He even admitted checking out the F3Nation site and mentioned that all excuses listed for why most men don’t F3 are true! (Psst, after 6 years, F3N has heard them all!)-Great work brother!
  5. Dial Up is a silent (RESPECT-ABLE) beast.  Glad you posted today, and hopefully you stayed awake at work!
  6. Awesome seeing the PAX picking up the six and encouraging out there today.  Love the comaraderie men.
  7. It’s awesome to share the gloom with you men.  You have a great F3 foundation to build upon to make this thing explode.  Keep #GivingItAway we are as good as the men around us. Many men are seeking this opportunity, all you have to do is make the ask!

Yours in Fitness, Fellowship and Faith

Mini Me


2 thoughts on “Beast in the Desert

  1. Well done Mini. Great to see the shovel flag getting firmly planted in rhe desert.


  2. T-Claps for the Q’s, we still luv ya Long Board!


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