Saving The Last For Best

It happens some times.  You get picked last.   It hasn’t changed since elementary school, that twisted feeling in your tummy as you see all the other kids get picked, and then it’s just you.  On the one hand, it stinks to be seen as the weakest or smallest or , as in my case , the fartiest.   Yes, I  farted a lot, and it kept me from getting picked.

I don’t know Hoedown’s story, but as he was the last to go to Phoenix with me, either he was of a similar caliber in kick ball, or maybe he was sent to keep an eye on me.  Whatever the reason, Hoedown and I were round 4 of 4 from CORE to take the message of F3 and firmly get the shovel flag in the desert.  Here’s how it went down:

COP (Hoedown lead) : 20 SSh, Iw, 10 merkins, 10 sharon towers

First round ( Rev ):  Partner work for 3 rounds . Pullups while the partner runs 100 yards and does 10 sumo squats.

Mosey to the small wall for 11’s with squas and bulgarian split squats.


3 rounds of alternating  regular peter parker and then reverse peter parker.


Arm-ageddon:  3 rounds of forward baby arm circles, backward baby arm circles,  SSh and seal jacks x 20 IC.

Howdown: indian run around the perimeter.  Circle up for  Peter Parker Pickle Pounder, Peoples chair with 60 counts, Peoples chair with air presses, BTW with Hip Slaps,

Counting practice( both rev and Howdown) Merkins, LBC, alternating liunges. Knee ups, russian twists, twisted knee.


Rev:  Tabatta time!  20 seconds 10, 10 seconds off with dying cockroaches and alternating lunges.


NMM: The flag is firmly planted here!  we stayed for an extended coffeteria and shard transparently about what F3 has meant to us.   Mini Me has a great story– it is easy to relate to, and he doesn’t hold back when it comes to the ” I was and now i am” part.   Great AO with plenty of pull up bars, walls for step ups and no need to ever cross a street– the perimeter area is probably 1/2 mile.   If you travel, and are in the area this is a really good thing to Q.  You can adjust distance and reps to allow for all levels of fitness.

This is going to be a good thing for the men of Phoenix. Won’t take long before this is a 30 man thang every Saturday.  Wednesday beatdown starts next week!!


attendees were : Reverend Flo-Rida, Howdown, Mini Me, Convoy, Dial Up, Sandbag, GlobeTrotter, Longboard, missing whoever left a little early.

Convoy works at UPS.  Long discussion about C.W. McCall with Mini Me.  Turns out, Mini Me met C.W. at a blackjack table in Reno in 1986.  Great story–have him tell it to you instead of him telling the story about me blowing a gasket at GoRuck 943.  that’s not so good a story.

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