. . .and so it begins in Phoenix!

Date: 03/10/18

Count: 15

Q: Eminem, Pigskin & Do Re Mi

Pax:  Lunar ( fng Joe Manzo), Sweater Vest (fng David Westra) , Tweeter, Huggies, Jimmy Dean, Stark, Clock Blocker (fng Will Froelich), Spaetzel (fng Matt White), Dial Up (fng Adam Maorales), Sandbag, OSHA (fng Ed Powell), Rejected  (fng John …..), DRM Eminem, Pigskin

It was only fitting that YHC along with Eminem and Pigskin rolled up to Arcadia Park in an Explorer. A rental Explorer but an Explorer none the less. Phoenix/Scottsdale is the 6th largest city in the US but 100 years ago it was only a small agricultural town. Scottsdale was called Orangedale because it was just a huge orange grove. But back to the Explorers. Just like Lewis and Clark this band of three Qs were on a mission to find new places where F3 was unknown yet needed. Also they had sent out lots of emails and tweets asking them, the old proverbial them, to come. And come they did. Not quite in masses, just below the unofficial over/under (18), but they did come. And boy were they glad they did.

The brand new, state of Arizona colored, shovel flag was planted in the sand as the pax rolled into the parking lot.

Exactly at 0700, the Q announced the immortal words “follow me” and off we went into the sunrise gloom.

It went something like this:

Short mosey to the corner, down the side street and then onto flat spot in the center of the field for COP. All in cadence.

DRM @ Q: Side Straddle Hop x 20, Imperial Walker x 15, Arm Circles x 20, Copperhead Squats x 15, Merkins x 12.

M&M @ Q: Mtn. Climbers x 15, Flutter x 15, Plankjack x 15, LBC x 20, Wide Arms x 12.

Pigskin @ Q: Dry Docks x 15, Lunges x 12, Freddie Mercury x 20, Reverse Crunch x 15 and Burpees x 10 (6 count cadence).

Pigskin maintained the Q with a short mosey to the concrete benches on the back side of playground for three rounds of Dips x 20, Derkins x 15 and Step Ups x 10 each leg.

Mosey to the other side of the park for some partner work with BLIMPS. Partner one does exercise while partner two runs to top of hill and back.

Partners are to do combined total of 50 Burpees, 100 Lunges (each leg), 100 Imperial Walkers, 100 Merkins, 100 Planckjacks and 100 Squats. With slacker DRM at Q, this was modified to 50 counts very early in the program. Old, lazy, but wise!

Hand off to M&M. Head over to the fence for some Peopels Chair and other fun stuff. Back to the fence and settle in for Peoples Chair. Then drop 6″ and add 20 air presses.

Bear crawl to first light post. Back to fence for balls to wall. Bear crawl to first light post. Back to fence for Peoples Chair, drop and 20 air presses. Bear crawl and the back for more BTW. Hip slaps for those so inclined.

Bear crawl to light pole and settle in for some Plankarama. Right are high, left arm high. Right arm, left leg high, left arm, left leg high. Flip it over for reverse plank. Right leg out, left leg out. Butt high sir!

Back to center of field for more COP.

Fire Hydrants x 10 each leg, Monkey Humpers x 12 from DRM Q and the Pigskin closed it out with Mary.

Dolly, Rosalita, Freeddie Mercury, LBC, Protractor, Reverse Crunch, Heels to Heaven, Russian Twist and Superman.

COT with Countarama and Namarama

Takeout by DRM

Naked man Moleskin

Shoutout and thanks to Stark for posting and supporting the launch in Scottsdale. F3 Mesa is right behind this launch and Stark has bee teeing this up for a few months.

Tweeter is a lot like Eminem, he is always shouting in my head, but pretty quiet in person.

Huggies is a celebrity on the Ruck circuit , aka Knotted Cord. Actuall did some cord work for Jimmy Dean at coffeeteria. Always giving it back and helping the guy next to you. How F3? Just sayin’

T-claps to Jimmy Dean for posting from Toledo, an AO that is on fire with growth. With guys like JD it is easy to see why.

Sandbag was out front all day, silently crushing the reps.

Big, big big T-Claps (see lexicon on F3 website) to our FNGs this am.

…. and the fngs:

Lunar, a rocket scientist, kinda.

Sweater Vest, old friend of F3 WS Butter volunteered to keep up with shovel flag, so we know he will be back next week.

Clock Blocker stayed for the whole workout, although it sounded like he may be prone to leave early. Keep an eye on him.

OSHA kept his safety belt on all morning and advised on proper lifting form.

Spaetzle has a heritage issue which was a little questionable. Come back and we will work on that.

Dial Up handles sensitive crypto stuff so he will come back to help the pax with their twitter connections. He promised.

And Rejected, swears he will not complain about his name although he may have valid concerns. Bring them to management. Clear answer to that complaint – REJECTED!

Very little mumble chatter this am. Just a touch toward the end. It will build. This is your thing guys. Own it, mold it, shape it. It will grow and give you more than you can dream of. Recruit your friends.

From Pigskin, Eminem and Do Re Mi, thanks for the privilege. Without you this morning we would have been three guys standing around a flag at 0700.

And then we would have done the workout just as planned. Cuz that’s what we do at 0700 on Saturday.

But you allowed us the opportunity and privilege to serve, to get better and grow as men. Without you F3 works but with you it works better.

Help us be better. Come back, push the guy next to you. Do it for HIM (lexicon again). If you do you will become a HIM


Thanks Phoenix & Scottsdale, previously known as Orangedale.


2 thoughts on “. . .and so it begins in Phoenix!

  1. Way to #GiveItAway, DoReMi. Looking forward to meeting the F3 Phoenix PAX on 3/31 (specifically Lunar). How can you be a “rocket scientist, kinda”?

    Agreed, mumble chatter will grow.


  2. Way to #GiveItAway DoReMi. Looking forward to meeting the F3 Phoenix PAX on 03/31 (specifically Lunar). How can you be a “rocket scientist, kinda”? Agreed, mumble chatter will grow and it is one of the best parts of F3.

    If this posts twice, sorry.


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